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Is your teen feeling stressed out, overwhelmed or emotional?

These simple tools are easy to use in daily life
to release stress and anxiety.

  • Build Resiliency, Inner Strength, and Creativity
  • Foster Compassion Towards Self and Others
  • Release Stress and Anxiety
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  • In these six videos, I will give you the tools to manage the stress of your day and ability to overcome anxiety.
  • Also included are 4 audio meditations to help with letting go of fear, increasing your body image, detaching from the drama and a way to help remove obstacles.
  • As a special gift you will get Yoga for Anxiety, which includes 2 30 minute yoga sessions geared towards balancing your emotions and chaneling your anxiety.

Dear Mom of a Teen, I know you want your teen to be resilient, confident, and happy, but let’s face it, teen’s today have quite a bit of outside influences and pressures which can make them feel overwhelmed, stressed out and frustrated. I get it, I was a stressed out anxious teen as well. I grew up in a high stress household where there was addiction and trauma. However, after 21 years of working with kids and families I can honestly say your teen does not have to suffer. There are tools which will empower and free them from feeling alone and inadequate. As a mother of three daughters, (two of which are teens), I wanted my girls to avoid the struggles I had growing up. But I also recognize teens don’t always want to learn skills from their moms and dads and this is why I created a product which speaks directly to your teen. These tools have helped me tremendously and they will help your teen too. Introducing… Self-Care Energy Tools for Teens

    Self- Care Energy Practices for Teens

    Finally, a product which targets the true source for anxiety, depression and more. You will learn life- long strategies for developing inner strength, creativity, compassion, resiliency, healthy boundaries and peace.

    It doesn’t matter whether you are suffering from anxiety chronically or occasionally this product puts the POWER back in your hands giving you the ability to navigate life in a more fulling, authentic way.

      • 1

        Keeping it Easy

        You will learn:
        Why it is important to do daily practices.
        Ways you have already been exposed.
        How simple, easy and fun it can be.

      • 2

        What does energy have to do with anxiety?

        You will learn:
        Why symptoms of anxiety return.
        Example of low energy.
        How low energy shows up in the life of a teen.
        How it can hold you back from growing and learning.

      • 3

        An Energy System that Works

        I teach you my super easy to remember energy system.
        Why this system works.
        How negative energy gets absorbed.
        A new way to foster confidence.

        Buy Now for Only $97
        ~ Brittany

        After a dozen doctors and medical tests for frequent migraines and bodily pain the energy tools Sherianna provided for me have been incredibly helpful and life altering. I would highly recommend this product to anyone dealing with chronic stress.

        ~ Brittany

        Bonus - Yoga For Anxiety

        Yoga for Anxiety contains two 30 minute practice downloads, one for the morning and one for the evening. Each practice contains yoga postures, energy techniques and insight for developing a healthy and resilient mind and body. Since depleted energy is often reflected in lower emotional states such as guilt and anxiety, you will learn techniques that help you both begin and end your day from a higher vibrational states. These higher states not only give you greater access to emotions such as peace and joy but also tap into your own healing abilities.

        Buy Now for Only $97